FLYCONPOWER® arises from the study and intuition of highly experienced and qualified professionals in the field of athletic training and biomechanics.

The known benefits of eccentric work (supported by over 20 years of scientific research), and the unique features of FLYCONPOWER®, make our machine very popular for sport training, rehabilitation and injury prevention.

FLYCONPOWER® allows the user to perform movements that use the same range of motion as in sport; it allows a maximum rate of strength development and a high degree of specificity biomechanics.

The different options of exercises with FLYCONPOWER®, the freedom of movement and rotational/ or unstable conditions, permit to work effectively all the muscles used in a specific movement, replicating exactly the same situation in which the muscle works during the particular sport. The machine is able to recreate a “real and functional stimulus” through variable velocity, strengths, acceleration and deceleration.

The quality of the strength-speed principle of FLYCONPOWER®, optimises the dynamic capacity of the neuromuscular system to function under various dynamic loading conditions and, therefore, it has significant importance in the execution of movements and sport-specific gestures. Scientific research that has dealt with the effectiveness of the iso-inertial method have shown greater strength and power production, expressed in different joint angles, compared to “free weights”. These methods have also proved to be valuable in the prevention of muscle and tendon injuries. Translating this methodology from the field of basic scientific research to a practical point of view, we can say that FLYCONPOWER® represents a step forward for a TOTAL body workout aimed at improving the movements rather than the singular muscle isolation methods. FLYCONPOWER® fits perfectly in the modern training environment, allowing functional movements, while expressing the greatest possible strength. In just a single action all the muscles are involved in the workout. FLYCONPOWER® allows you to improve your sporting ability, both through high force and low speed and high-speed and low force movements.