Some recent studies and research in the field of sports physiology allowed to assert that “the force can be defined as the ability to produce force.” There are several sports in which the STRENGHT component is of fundamental importance, but the ability to produce as quickly as possible the necessary strength may be more important than to produce maximum strength! FLYCONPOWER® allows to improve this capacity, both through the high-strength and low-speed movement and high-speed and low force. Thus, a maximum rate of development of force can be obtained on each iteration through a broad spectrum of strength and speed. Another important consideration in reference to the sports movements is the mechanical and positional specificity. FLYCONPOWER® allows you to perform a multitude of movements in very similar positions to the sports specific movements, allowing for a maximum rate of development of strength and a high degree of specificity biomechanics. The quality of the relationship-specific strength-speed FLYCONPOWER®, optimises the dynamic capacity of the neuromuscular system to function under various dynamic loading conditions and, therefore, has significant importance in the execution of sport movements and sport gestures.