Our product ICONO ONE


The in-depth knowledge of physical preparation, biomechanics and physiology has allowed the company FLYCONPOWER srl to develop a technical / practical solution for equipment that meets the most varied needs of the market, both in terms of performance and rehabilitation and prevention

The entry level product, already on the market for about 3 years, is called "ICONO ONE”" of which, from 2017 to date, about 400 units have already been sold



The ICONO ONE Inertial system is the only one on the market to have ALL IN ONE characteristics, thus allowing any exercise to be carried out with ONE SINGLE machine 

With very small dimensions and very little encumbrance, ICONO ONE is transportable and adaptable also for out door use 

ICONO ONE allows you to train, rehabilitate, strengthen and prevent muscle injuries without necessarily needing a gym or weight room. 

ICONO ONE thanks to its versatility is intended for: rehabilitation and physiotherapy centers, athletic trainers and personal trainers, accommodation facilities, fitness centers and as soon as possible also to the individual private user.